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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Advanced Seventh Chakra Meditation Technique

This is an advanced meditation so approach it with respect.

POSTURE - sit in an easy pose.  If you are sitting in a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the floor, legs about shoulder-width, be sure your spine is elongated, relax your abdomen, diaphragm, bring your shoulders up, back and down to make sure they are relaxed, your chest is lifted, imagine your head is being pulled up by the golden thread, tuck your chin slightly about 1/10 of an inch to give alignment of the spine with the back of your head. 

MUDRA – Interlace your fingers, hands above your head, palms facing down, hold at about 3 inches or so away from the crown of your head, your elbows are positioned parallel to your ears  Eyes are turned up at the center of your forehead but visualize that you are looking up to the sky through your hands

BREATHING: throughout the entire duration of this meditation, maintain your breathing steady, deep, slow and long.  With each inhalation, visualize that your Crown Chakra is filled with energy and bright white light. 

When you are finished with your practice, disengage your mudra, rub your palms, bring energy and make them hot then cup your eyes gently to give the healing touch.  When you are ready to open your eyes, slowly part your fingers and let the light filter in between your fingers.  Total relaxation in Savasana (Corpse’s Pose)

BENEFITS - include experience of bliss, Divine Consciousness, connection and guidance from Guru within.

CCAUTION:  Do not over-do, do not strain.  Start with no more than 1 minute per session. Use your common sense in doing any pranayama techniques especially when you are activating the Ajna Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

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