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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Aloha Everyone,

This Chakra Balancing Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise is also called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.  It is a simple but effecting breathing exercise to help in activation of prana (life force) and Kundalini energy to flow through the Shushumna, (Central Spinal Channel) thus awakening the chakras.  When the Kundalini is flowing through the Shushumna you will experience meditative state of consciousness.  Your mind will be calm and you will be able to enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquility.  The entire system of your body will be in rhythm and you will benefit from harmony and balance.

POSTURE:   Sit in easy pose or in a chair.  Elongate your spine, relax your shoulders by bringing them up back then down, and lengthen your neck and slight chin lock about 1/10 of an inch to align the spine with the back of your head.  Close your eyes focus on the Ajna Chakra (3rd Eye Chakra) at the brow point.  Take a couple of long, deep breath to relax your body.

MUDRA - your right hand, thumb, pinky and ring ringers are straight up, index and middle fingers are folded into your palm.  Place left hand in Gyan Mudra (press the tip of your thumb to the tip of the index finger and the other 3 fingers are straight) and rest on your left knee.

BREATHING - using your thumb, gently close right nostril and Inhale through left nostril in count of four.  (Counting is done mentally or you may use your left fingers to keep track).  Then using pinky and ring fingers gently close left nostril exhale right nostril in count of four, without a pause inhale from right nostril in count of four.  Close your right nostril, exhale through left nostril in four counts.  This is one round.  A simple way to remember each round is L-R-R-L. 

MANTRA – To help concentrate, mentally say SAT as you inhale and mentally say NAM as you exhale.  This could be done without using mantra as you may be busy counting and alternating your fingers. 

ENDING: Deep inhalation, exhale fully, holding the breath out and apply Root Lock (Mula Bhanda). Repeat three times then relax completely in Savasana (Corpse's Pose). Drink plenty of water.

DURATION - Start with 10 rounds or you can set a timer for 3 minutes per session.  Once you have been practicing for sometime, you may increase each round to 20 then 30 and your each practice sessions to 9 then to 15 minutes and up to 31 minutes. 

CAUTION:  Do not over-do.  Use your common sense in doing any pranayama techniques. 

Namaste -- Cathi

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