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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cosmic Mudra - Mudra for Zen Meditation and Concentration

Aloha Everyone,

The Cosmic Mudra is the mudra for zen meditation and concentration.

Category -  Hasta Mudras (Hand mudras)

Position – Seated meditation posture on the floor in lotus pose, half-lotus, easy pose or seated in a chair with your legs about shoulder width, feet rested flat on the ground.  Turn your right hand palm up and place it in front of the abdomen on your lower dantien (about 2 - 3 inches below your nave) this is the source of our chi.  Gently rest your left hand palms facing up on top of your right hand.  Lightly touch the tips of your thumb together and your hands and thumbs should have formed an oval shape, representation of a cosmic bowl.

Specialty – .helps our life energy “chi” to become stronger and balanced.   Help you move to the world of emptiness.  This mudra, also known as Dhyani Mudra and Samadhi Mudra is associated with Zen meditation and helpful in preparing your mind for a meditative state.

Benefits – promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

Namaste -- Cathi

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