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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gyan Mudra - Mudra of Knowledge

Aloha Everyone,

Gyan Mudra is the Mudra of Knowledge.

Category - Haste Mudras (Hand mudras)

Position - Two fingers are used in this mudra.  Bend the index finger and gently touch its tip to the top of the thumb. The other three fingers are in a straight position. If in a seated body position, the hands come to rest on your knees elbows slightly bent and the palms of each hands are pointing up. This mudra may be used while lying on the bed with one or both hands maintaining this gesture.

Specialty - This mudra enhances the knowledge, mental capabilities.  The gesture also helps the mind go inward for meditation as it raises the level of the element vayu or air in the body

Benefits – Helps your mind to go inward; helps bestow wisdom and insight; increases memory power; sharpens the brain; concentration and thinking process; Gyan Mudra also prevents insomnia; and also helps fight anger, idleness, laziness and depression.

Namaste -- Cathi

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