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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sixth Chakra - Guru Chakra

Aloha Everyone,

Here is a summary from our May 2013 classes where we reviewed 7 chakras.

SIXTH CHAKRA 3rd Eye (Ajna) also called Guru Chakra, influences eyes and perception.  The law of purpose in life governs the 6th Chakra.

Location:  at the center of forehead .between the eye brows.

Element: All

Color:  Indigo

Benefits: develops spirituality and humanity, power of intuitive knowledge, imagination, and ability to make decisions

Mantra - SHAM

Mudra -  Shambhavi Mudra (close your eyes, look up to the 3rd eye point) and Gyan Mudra

Asana -  Guru Pranam (If able to come to sitting on the heels.  Bend forward and let the forehead touch the ground.  Your arms are extended; elbows straight and hands are in Namaste Mudra.

Food:  Fruits that are bluish colored (black berries, blueberries, red grapes, raspberries, etc.), liquids (grape juice, red wine)

CAUTION - Kundalini Yoga is a powerful science and I would like to pass on the warnings from Kundalini Yoga teachers I have studied under to approach your practice with intelligence and respect.  If you are practicing at home, please remember not to do excessive chakra meditations. Too much flow of energy (shakti) before your body is ready to handle is extremely dangerous   Please don’t forget to use common sense and do your practice in moderation.  Always allow your body to rest after practice and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Sat Nam -- Cathi

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