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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reflection Mediation for Insomnia

Aloha Everyone,

Researches have proven benefits of meditations as safe, effective simple and natural way to balance your mental, emotional and physical state.  Worry, stress and endless thinking as you lie in bed are some of the biggest cause for insomnia.  To get a good night’s sleep you simply have to empty your mind.  Reflection Meditation is one of the techniques to combat insomnia.

Posture:  Lie on your back with your feel open slightly apart.  Your arms are at your sides with palms facing up, fingers naturally curling.  This is called Savasana or Corpse Pose.  Do not use pillow.  Your head should not be raised.

Eyes:  Naturally closed.

Step 1:  Begin deep inhalation, hold your breath and tense your entire body.  Work your way from the feet by curl your toes, feet, tighten your legs, buttocks, abdomen and chest.  Clench your fingers, hands, tighten your arms, shoulders, tense your neck muscles, jaws, ears, clench your teeth, squeeze your face and try to make every muscle in your body tense. 

Step 2:  Full exhalation and relax your body completely all at once.  You might raise your body a few inches from the floor with exception of the buttocks when you inhale then drop back on to the floor with full exhalation.

Step 3:  Review your day as an undetached observer starting from the time you woke up until present.  Try to recall every minute detail as if you are seeing a recording of your day.  The more you are able to recall what has taken place during the day, more you will be able to get out of your reflection meditation. Your job is to just witness and not get involved in any of the subject or people you have encountered throughout the day.

The key to this simple but extremely effective Reflection Meditation is that you are completely honest with yourself.  Do not make any improvements or modifications to what had taken place and your reaction to them. Don’t worry if the events of the day make you happy, sad or bring out any other emotions.

With any meditation techniques, don’t expect to master over night.  Master Yogi and Meditation Guru Anmol Mehta teach us that it takes dedication and years of practice to master meditation. So don’t look for immediate results. Be healthy and live a joyful and compassionate life!

Namaste -- Cathi

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