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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Qigong Practice to Heal Yourself

Aloha Everyone,

When you practice Qigong, make sure that your body is relaxed.  Begin by relaxing your toe, ankle, and then move up to the lower abdomen and all the way to your shoulders and neck.  Maintain your vertical spine.  It helps to imagine a golden thread pulling your head all the way up to the heaven.


  1. Begin swinging and tapping one hand over the opposite shoulder to loosen up the shoulders
  2. Swing your arms side by side by moving your dantien located at the lower abdomen  Make sure that your body is the one that is swinging your arms
  3. Bring the swinging movement of your arms higher and imagine the Qi circling your body
  4. Now gently rotate your neck to left imagining the Qi circling your neck.  Reverse direction.
  5. Rotate your shoulders backward then forward imagining the Qi circling your shoulders
  6. Place your hands on your waist thumbs facing forward, make large circle of the waist, reverse direction
  7. Place your hands on your knees, circling the knee, reverse direction
  8. Gently press your hands on your thighs and slowly move up letting your head come up last


  1. Scan your body beginning with your brain and all your organs.  Silently express your gratitude to your physical body.
  2. Imagine physical self expanding.  Imagine that your individual cells are expanding.
  3. Imagine that your internal energy is moving outward to the universe.  Continue to maintain your posture, your body relax and with steady inhalation and exhalation
  4. Imagine the energy of your body merging with the energy of the Universe.


  1. Bring your hands up, elbows bent, above your head palms facing down, fingers and thumbs do not touch
  2. Feel your Qi in your palms.  This is the energy of your body and the energy of the Universe.
  3. Visualize this energy as being bright white light
  4. Imagine the Qi in your palms warm and getting hotter
  5. With steady and even motion, slowly push down your Qi mindful of your 7 Chakras (in Qigong, they are referred to as wheel)
  6. Now let the bright white light going into your belly button and imagine the bright light illuminating all your wheels (chakras)
  7. Bring your right hand on your Dantien, left hand on the back and circle your body 6 times one direction then reverse direction 6 times
  8. Place your hands on your belly button, left hand over right and imagine your entire body filled with bright light


Rub your palms briskly until they become hot.  Then place the hands on the area of your body that needs to be healed.

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