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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ganesh Mantra to Remove Obstacles & Blockages

Aloha Everyone,

Lord Ganesha, the Beloved Elephant God is the first deity to be reverenced in Hindu rites.  He is a son of Lord Shiva, and the Goddess Parvati. He is remover of the internal and external obstacles, a guardian of doors of houses and temples.  Lord Ganesha is also the master of wisdom, knowledge, intellect, guardian of beauty, prosperity, grace, compassion as well as the protector of all beings.

Chanting Ganesh Mantra will help you remove the internal and external impediments in your life. It is recommended that you practice this mantra for 40 days at the same time everyday.  Preferred time is at the break of dawn.  Chanting Ganesh Mantra 108 times each session will aid in spiritual progression and in healing of the physical and energetic bodies.


Pronunciation Guide:

Om = aum (with silent 4th sound)
Gam = sound between gaham and gahm
Ganapataye = gah nah pah tah (pause) yee
Namaha - nah mah hah

Rough translation of Om gam ganapataye namaha

Aum Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha

Namaste -- Cathi

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