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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kriya for Heart Chakra

Aloha Everyone,

The kriya for heart chakra is designed to help you become calm, increases compassion and sensitivity to others and opens the heart.


1) Sit in a comfortable meditation posture with spine elongated and eyes closed. Begin chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times with your hands in Gyan Mudra. 

2)  Inhale, exhale powerfully with your mouth open and your tongue stretched out. (30 seconds)

3)   Say, “la, la, la , la, la with the tip of the tongue hitting against your upper palate (30 seconds)

4)  Form fists of left and right hands by bringing the thumb to the base of pinky and close other fingers. Let the palm face down bring them in front of your heart chakra and rotate your fists around in rapid outward circles. Use Breath of Fire for (2 minutes)

5)  Bring both elbows close to your sides, inhale deeply hold your fists tight, exhale fully, hold your breath out then apply Mula Bandha (root lock)

6)  Bring your arms straight in front of your body, the palms facing each other, parallel to the ground.  Maintain the elbows straight and alternately swing arm up and down – approximately 1 – 2 ft. Use Breath of Fire ( 1 minutes)

7) Bring your arms straight in front of your body at approximately your eye level.  Maintain the elbows straight, palms facing out then open and close your hands powerfully and rapidly.  You will feel your fingers slapping the palms of your hands.  (1 minutes)

8)  Sufi-grind (1 minutes)

9)  To end, bring your hands above your head and shake them around. (1 minutes)

Total practice time start with approximately 7 minutes then increase up to 31 minutes.


  • Open up your lungs
  • Stimulates the brow area
  • Helps balance your heart chakra
  • Helps adjust the rib cage
  • Invigorates the brain
  • Helps develop your stamina and inner strength
  • Helps you enjoy  deep and full relaxation
Namaste -- Cathi

CAUTIONS:  This Kriya is suitable for more experienced Kundalini Yoga practitioner.  Do not strain, do not over do.
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ®

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