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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dao Yin Exercises

Aloha Everyone,
How many times to repeat and how gently or forcefully to do individual exercises are up to how you are feeling at the time you start.  As in any exercises, do not over do it.  Listen to your body.  You should not be feeling pain when you do any of the exercises we do in our class.
1.  Raise your arms – bring them down forcefully, exhale with your mouth uttering powerful “Ha” sounds
2.  Body Tap – start with your left arm, left hand up and down 3 times, then to right hand, right arm, up and down
3.  Tip toe – up and down
4.  Stomach grind – move from your Lower Dantien.  Start in one direction, then reverse
5.  Squat – up and down
6.  Interlace your fingers at the back of your lower back
7.  Gentle back bend
8.  Maintain interlaced fingers, gentle forward bend
9.  Wider stand – holding an imaginary ball, move the ball around, let the qui guide your hands
10.  Move your body from the lower Dantien to the left and to the right, let the arms follow the body’s movement naturally
11.  Move your hands to the shoulders, left to right, gentle taps, again your movement should be from the lower Dantien and the arms are moving according to the speed and the movement of your body
12.  Pushing one hand up to the heaven, the other hand down pressing the Earth, reverse
13.  Hug yourself with arms under arm pits – reverse
13.  Hug your nees – half lotus – both legs
14.  Knee circle, reverse then change leg
Namaste — Cathi

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