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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dark Chocolates for Your Health

Aloha Everyone,

If you love chocolates like I do, here is good news.  Studies show that dark chocolates have a number of healthy benefits including:

Good for your brain
phenyl ethylamine (PEA)chemical compounds have a positive effect on your mood 
improves cognitive function
may reduce your risk of stroke
makes you happier by release of endorphins 

Good for your heart 
improves blood flow 
may help prevent the formation of blood clots
may prevent arteriosclerosis
may help lower your blood pressure

Good for your immune systems
antioxidants in dark chocolate may protect you from many types of cancer
may slow down the aging process

Good for your blood vessels
may helps prevent type 2 diabetes

Good for your teeth
theobromine in dark chocolate help harden tooth enamel.

Good for your overall health
high in potassium, magnesium, iron and copper
increases production of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters.
helps reduce stress hormones, which means less collagen breakdown in the skin, and fewer wrinkles.

- at least 70 percent cocoa content

      - based on a study published in Germany in 2010 of nearly 20,000 people followed over 8 years, an average of 6 gm per day had 39 percent lower risk of heart attack or stroke.

With so many web sites offering advice, be mindful who the source is.  As with any new diet plans, be sure to consult your physician to see if eating dark chocolate would not have unexpected side effects on your health.  Do read the label as you are also eating fat, sugar and calories.

Enjoy!  Cathi

Here is one of the many sources available on-line:

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