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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Simplify Your Life

Aloha Everyone,

I am in the midst of a huge task of major spring cleaning.  I thought I was a minimalist as I discard clothes when I purchase replacements.  But I am finding out that I am a sentimentalist.   I have so far 12 cardboard packing boxes which I still need to go through of personal items.  It's challenging as many of these boxes contain letters, cards and drawings from my children, granddaughter, husband, family and friends.  Realistically I know that we cannot keep all the mementos.

So with less than two weeks remaining before my husband and I take a month-long trip,  I like to share with you how to get rid of sentimental items by asking yourself the following 7 questions:

1.  What are three items you have which makes you smile?  In another words, if there is a fire and you have to carry away three items, what would they be?

2.  What are the items which you use everyday or at least every other day?  All of us keep things for "one of these days" whether it is something to wear or something to use.

3.  Photos and more photos and how often do you actually look at your albums?  We purchased a scanner and are now busy scanning them to save them on USB.

4.  How often do you re-read books, watch your collection of DVD and listen to out-dated long playing records and cassettes?  With exception of few books, we donated our collections to the Hawaii Kai Library.  I now read books, listen to music and watch movies on my digital devices.

5.  Does any of your family want your things when you no longer need them? 

6.  Do you have anything of value which can be sold and converted into cash? 

7.  Can you learn to let go without feeling guilty?  Can you let go of holding onto the things that were given by your parents, your family, and your dear friends?  If we keep everything we ever received as gifts, there would simply be not enough room in our home.

Yoga and meditation teaches as to live simple life.  Living simply without being hampered by people, things, expectations and obligations.  Living simply means getting rid of clutter from your body, mind and surroundings.  Living simply means be in the present moment, be mindful and loving all the details of ourselves.  Living simply means having time to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, the moonrise, the sound of rain, and be grateful of listening to the sound of life. Living simply means to live your life honestly. And finally, living simply means to live your life peacefully. 

“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are.  When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”  Lao Tsu

Namaste -- Cathi

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