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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pears and Their Many Health Benefits

Aloha Everyone,

There is an old saying “apple a day keeps a doctor away” but what about a pear a day?  According to historians, pears have been around since the Stone Age. Many varieties of pears typically appear in supermarkets in autumn.  One interesting fact is that this fruits ripen inside out so to see if the fruit is ready to eat, press gently the thinnest part of the pear (usually referred to as the neck).  To gain maximum benefit of the fruits, pears are to be eaten with the skin.

List of Heath Benefits
·         Helps protect our hearts,
·         Excellent source of dietary fiber which can lower bad cholesterol
·         Helps reduce risk of stroke
·         Helps reduce risk of colon cancer
·         Hypoallergenic
·         Helps boost energy level
·         Helps control diabetes due to high fiber content and low glycemic index
·         High in antioxidants such as vitamin C and copper
·         Helps boost the immune system
·         Help prevent Osteoporosis
·         Helps maintain digestive health
·         Has healing, cooling compounds
·         Helps prevents colds and coughs
·         Helps get rid of toxins from the body
·         According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps balance yin and yang energy
·         Used as a natural remedy against nausea in ancient Greece

Namaste -- Cathi


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