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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean Breath)

Aloha Everyone,

This is one of the most important pranayama (breath control or control of the life forcetaught in different schools of yoga. Ujjayi is sometime called the “sounding breath” or "ocean breath”.  Ujjayi is also referred to as the "Darth Vader" breath because of the hissing sound as you inhale and exhale.  Ujjayi pranayama help us regulate the time it takes the air to enter and exit our lungs. 

      1. Sit in a comfortable seated position
      2.  Close your eyes
      3.  Elongate your spine
      4.  Take 5 long, slow, gentle and deep breaths through the nostrils
      5.  Open your mouth and make “Hah sound” like you are warming up your hands
      6.  Constrict the throat muscles slightly
      7.  Now try to make the same “Hah” sound with your mouth closed as you inhale an
      8.  Begin to lengthen the inhalation and exhalation without causing tension.
      9.  Maintain equal in and out breathing sound that is smooth and continuous.
     10. Start with 3 minutes and go up to 10 minutes


  1. Focuses the mind and prepares for meditation
  2. Brings calmness to the body and mind
  3. Helps improve the quality of our breathing
  4. Helps the body regains its equilibrium
  5. Helps you concentrate
  6. Helps lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate
  7. Helps treat insomnia
  8. Effective for pain reduction and migraines
  9. You will have more energy


·         Yoga pranayama is not a substitute for medical care
·         Know your limits.  Do not over strain.
·         Be mindful
·         Hydrate, rest and relax after every session
·         Receive proper guidance from an experienced teacher, ask questions

 Namaste -- Cathi

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