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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bring Balance Into Your Life With Yoga - For Happy, Healthy Living

Aloha Everyone,

The Centers of Disease Control reported that each year 1 in 3 adults 65 years and older falls.  That's nearly 30% of the age group. Among those who fell, 38% of seniors aged 85 and older were hospitalized as a result of their injuries from the fall.  Many of these falls are preventable. You can begin by modifying your homes to suit your changing needs.  But more importantly, you can work on improving your body and mind by bringing more balance in your life.  Doing daily yoga exercises not only help you with balance but also with increased mobility, flexibility more energy and strengthening your muscles and over all happy, healthy living.

These are my favorite 10 Standing Yoga Asanas to improve balance   I will be writing separate blogs on each one of them.

I.  Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
2.  Chair Pose (Utkatasana)
3.  Eagle Pose (Garudasana)
4.  Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
5.  Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)
6.  Warrior I (Virbhadrasana 1)
7.  Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)
8.  Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana)
9.  Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)
10.  High Lunge (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Be well, be content, be kind to yourself and others and live a joyful and compassionate life.

Namaste -- Cathi

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