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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meditation Has Made Me Comfortable With Uncertainty

Namaste Everyone,

Meditation has helped me be comfortable with uncertainty.  I no longer suffer with the fact that we never know what will happen next.  There is no security, no certainty, and no guaranty in life.  Fear used to grip me thinking about my health and that of my love ones. Fear and sometime deep sadness used to keep me awake at night.  Of course there was no resolution as bad things just happen without anyone's fault.  Since learning to meditate on regular basis, I am able to look at the big picture and learn to accept life as it unfolds.  I am much better at navigating small and large challenges of life.  Learning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation also gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others who can benefit from them. 

Drop all preconceived notion of what meditation is.  Meditation practice should be approached with open mind and heart and curiosity to learn.  Now is the best time to start your meditation practice.  Don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait until your birthday, no excuses, just start now.  Try to set a definite time to practice meditation.  Meditation requires mental and physical commitment.  The best time to do meditation is in the early morning before you get involved with your daily activities.  Create a meditation space. Set aside a little corner in your room that is devoted to doing meditation.  Clear any clutters, place Zabu or cushion to sit on, have any other meditation tools such as the AUM symbol, calligraphy or painting, a lit candle or whatever else that would put your mind into a meditative mood.  For anyone who is new to meditation and wants to establish a long term practice, my best advice is don’t give up. 

Sat Nam


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