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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meditation for Departed

Namaste Everyone,

In many of the yoga classes I have participated over the past 20 plus years, mostly at the conclusion of the class, teacher led us through some type of meditation.  It could be just listening to your heart-beat or chanting Om (AUM) for 3 minutes.  However my real interest in following the path of meditation was triggered when a substitute teacher of a Kundalini Yoga classes said, “Meditation teaches us how to live and die well.”  I was hooked.

Meditation for someone you loved or for someone who has recently lost their loved one is consoling and comforting.  It should be approached with respect and calmness of your mind.  The following mediation for departed is universal and appropriate for everyone regardless or your religious faith.  It is suitable even for non-believer.


Come to a comfortable sitting pose or sit in a chair with the soles of your feet touching the floor

Your knees are shoulder-width apart, bend them 90 degrees

Elongate your spine, relax your stomach

Lift your chest, lift your shoulders up, back and down to relax them

Bring your hand in Gyan Mudra, pressing thumb and index finger tips, other fingers are straight

Your head should be lifted, your chin slightly tucked about 1/10th of an inch to allow the natural curvature to your spine

Now bring your awareness to your breath

Inhale deeply, exhale fully

Begin to consciously slow down your breathing, keep them long and steady

Visualize a beautiful scene, it could be a long, sun-drenched sandy beach, open sea, mountain, green rolling meadow, wild-flower field, deep green pine forest, dense bamboo forest, a place you have been or a place you would like to be
It would be more effective if the beautiful scene you are in is also familiar to the deceased person

Visualize the deceased person.  Try to see as much detail as possible of this person’s physical size, features, and facial expressions.

Can you hear the deceased person's voice?

Imagine that this person is standing right next to you.

Can you feel this person's positive energy?

Imagine that two of you are surrounded and engulfed in the peaceful light of total love and joy.

You and the deceased person is seeing the beautiful blessing light.

You and the deceased person is listening to the sound of absolute joy.

Now express in your own word to the deceased person.

May you be at peace. 

May you be blessed. 

May you feel joy and happiness. 

May you be aware of my love now and always.

Bring your awareness back to your physical body as you return your breathing back to normal pace.

Cathi’s Note:  This meditation could have a profound effect on you so please approach it with caution and open-mind.  This meditation also affects people differently.  If you are feeling sad, lonely and agitated when you do this meditation, it may temporarily intensify your emotions.  On the other hand, if you are feeling joy and loving-kindness, you will experience increased happiness and compassion.  Suggested duration of this meditation is 3 to 11 minutes.  It is important for you to remain calm for the same amount of time as the time you spent on meditation.     

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