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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Facilitating Energy Flow

Aloha Everyone,
Kriyas are a set of exercises that are done in a specific sequence to accomplish balancing of chakras and healing. There are a variety of Kriyas but nearly all of them incorporate mantras (sound vibrations)  asanas (body postures and or movements), pranayam (breathing), mudras (hand, eye or body positions) bandhas (body locks) as well as meditation and mental focus to attain their desired effects. 
The purpose of these exercises is to removal granthis (blockages) to facilitate the flow of energy. There are Kriyas designed for working on almost every part of our system including circulatory, digestive, glandular, immune, nervous, respiratory and sexual. Kriyas work on our awareness, charisma, compassion as well as well-power.
Additionally, these exercises have power to heal many different types of ailments and diseases.
Namaste — Cathi

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