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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rengein-Tanjyöji Temple, Japan

Aloha Everyone,

Located in Tamana City, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, the Rengein-Tanjyöji Temple is sect of Buddhism (esoteric Buddhism) and is dedicated to Buddhist St. Kōan. 

Daibutsusama - great statue of St. Kōan with a merciful mien.

Shōrō-dō, bell tower houses the biggest temple bell in the world.  

Sumō-dōjyō, Japanese wrestling ring. Each year, on November 3, Yokozunas or grand champions perform the Dohyōiri ceremony.

Gojyūnotō, five-stories pagoda is the main hall of this temple and a major symbol of Buddhist belief.  Among 43 five-storied pagodas in Japan this is the largest and only one that allows worshipers to do religious practices within the building. 

Personally, I would be most curious to see the 4th story hall as this is the training hall for zazen. Zazen is one of the most simple yet difficult forms of meditation. When doing Zazen, the practitioner sits in correct posture, focuses on breathe and abandons worldly thoughts. Mushin, meaning clearing of mind, It is a way of training one's mind to attain spiritual enlightenment.

This temple also attracts believers because of its miraculous power spot. In Western concept, one might say that this is a vortex, a place of power.

Namaste -- Cathi

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