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Monday, September 29, 2014

Yoga Wear Is In, Blue Jeans Are Out

Namaste Everyone,

I am pleasantly surprised how yoga wear has become a basic staple in today's society. Whether you do any yoga or other forms of exercises seems irrelevant as people are choosing yoga clothes because they are comfortable. You can also find some yoga attire to be suitable for dress-up and going out to most public places including restaurants.

Living in RV, comfort is one of the foremost reason for me to choose yoga attire. I have enough yoga pants to last me 10 days plus two jeans and a couple of dress pants which are packed in a suitcase stored with other clothing which I do not need until it starts to snow. Yoga pants also do not take up too much space, easy to wash and dry. It's perfect for our "wash and wear" lifestyle.

Don't forget by wearing yoga attire, your yoga practice may be spontaneous. You don't even have to have a mat. Just a chair or a soft grassy surface with no pebbles to interfere with your asanas and concentration. Amanda Hallay, Assistant Clinical Professor of Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in Manhattan stated, "Everyone wants to look like they are running to the gym even if they are not."

That's okay. Life is spontaneous and so should your yoga practice. So put on your yoga wear and get into the mountain pose. Spread your yogi toes, feel rooted and grounded, tighten your buttocks, lift your knees, elongate your spine,lift your chest. Then bring your shoulders forward, up and back, imagine that there is a golden thread pulling your head up to the heaven, then pull in your chin 1/10 of an inch, stretch your arms, hands, fingers towards the earth. Wear a smile, relax your face and breathe.

Remember doing a little bit of yoga is better than no yoga at all.  Enjoy!

Aloha -- Cathi

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